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What a challenge it is to produce and publish music, but also a precious source of pleasure and satisfaction.
2009 is ending on a sparkling note! Discover the music that has made us vibrate and share in our pleasure. We have four new discographic releases carrying us to the summit: orchestral romantic music, the pleasure of opera, the rythmical energy of the malian ‘’griots’’, and a Christmas baroque published for the first time.
The small team at our great label has grown in order to better respond to the challenges of music publishing and distribution today – in the year 2010 we will unveil our site 2.0, we will also bring you innovations that will put the spotlight on the rich musical patrimony of our artists.

Latest Products

Philippe Boesmans - Complete Cypres Recordings (SPECIAL OFFER) (Ref.: CYP0001)
In the framework of the world creation of Au Monde, his last opera, we have the pleasure to offer the complete Philippe Boesmans on Cypres at a very special price.
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Arcangelo Corelli: Il maestro famosissimo di violino (Ref.: CYP1668)
As a violinist admired throughout Europe and father of the sonata and the concerto grosso – two genres that he pushed to the highest degree of perfection –, Arcangelo Corelli enjoyed an unparalleled reputation during his lifetime and throughout the entire 18th century, leaving his mark on generations of musicians and composers. Although his music can seem less typically ‘baroque’ to our ears than that of his predecessors, with their penchant for surprises and expressive extravagance, its relative sobriety and the further refinement of violin making largely contributed to its dissemination.
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La Oreja de Zurbarán (Ref.: CYP1669)
La Oreja de Zurbarán. Zurbarán’s Ear. The title chosen by Paul Van Nevel to illustrate the programme of this disc is a clear indication of his intention: to bring to life the music that the Spanish painter Francisco de Zurbarán (1598-1664) would have heard in the course of a career that led him from Seville to Madrid.Through an anthology of sacred and secular works, many of them hitherto unpublished, fluctuating between archaism and modernity, the Huelgas Ensemble seeks to show how music and painting stem from one and the same vision of the world, thus presenting the listener-spectator with the keys for an understanding of a period of which the watchword was ‘mysticism’.
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Alfred Bruneau - Requiem (Ref.: CYP7615)
A vacillation between high drama and devotion characterized the entire evolution of the genre of sacred music and, in particular, its ultimate and perhaps most spectacular embodiment, the Requiem Mass. The latter part of the 19th century brought a considerable output of religious works, and in France such important figures as César Franck, Théodore Dubois, Jules Massenet and Émile Paladilhe all produced remarkable oratorios. In the 1880s it was only to be expected that a young composer like Alfred Bruneau should attempt a large-scale religious work before launching a career in opera, which at the time was still the key to achieving a major reputation in France.
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Divine Madness — Souls in exile (Ref.: CYP1670)
When Sufism meets Renaissance melancholy. Could music have some universal power of unsettling the soul? That is the question out of which the programme 'Divine Madness' was born. As a guiding principle of both the universe of English Renaissance and that of Arab Sufism, melancholy, seen as a desire for eternity, has been a perennial source of inspiration that many generations of artists have called upon, whether they were composers or poets and whether they came from the East or the West.
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Bernard Foccroulle — Am Rande der Nacht (Ref.: CYP4640)
Bernard Foccroulle shows his love of German poetry in a cycle based on the words of the most musical of poets, Rainer Maria Rilke (1875-1926). Composed between 2005 and 2012, the work comprises two versions – the one with orchestra, the other with a chamber grouping – of a Schumannesque Liederkreis, Am Rande der Nacht, and also instrumental paraphrases inspired by particular lines of the poems set to music
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