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Divine Madness — Souls in exile

Total time: 67'32
Year: 2013
Format: CD
Type: Vocal
Period: Renaissance
Country: Belgium

Price: €18,00
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REF: CYP1670

So Beauty On The Waters Stood
Moneim ADWAN
Kan yanqosuna 7adder
Marahel ala etariq
Tala’a albadro fi Doja achear
Asghi ilal ney
Three Songs of Sighs And Tears
Woods, Rocks And Mountains
Nicholas LANIER
Hero’s Complaint To Leander
Lachrymæ Antiquæ
The Earl Of Essex His Galliard
Mr. Dowland’s Midnight
Go Nightly Cares
Flow My Tears / Tanhamero demo’i

Clare Wilkinson mezzo-soprano
Moneim ADWAN oud & vocals

When Sufism meets Renaissance melancholy. Could music have some universal power of unsettling the soul? That is the question out of which the programme 'Divine Madness' was born. As a guiding principle of both the universe of English Renaissance and that of Arab Sufism, melancholy, seen as a desire for eternity, has been a perennial source of inspiration that many generations of artists have called upon, whether they were composers or poets and whether they came from the East or the West. It has thereby become the emotional red thread of the lute songs of John Dowland and Thomas Smetryns as well as of the poetry of Mansur Al-Hallaj and Mahmoud Darwich, which cover a wide variety of subjects including separation, solitude, intimacy, impossible love and others. Beyond the limits of time, space and culture, 'Divine Madness' explores a specular realm of musical and literary traditions that, although at first apparently distant from each other, constantly reflect their own image until both worlds eventually merge into one. In order to bring this cross-over project to fruition, the young lutenist Sofie Vanden Eynde has surrounded herself with two exceptional musicians: the mezzo-soprano Clare Wilkinson, who is now considered to be one of the best interpreters of the English repertoire, and the Palestinian singer, composer and oud player Moneim Adwan. This harmonious union of voices and strings gives rise to a realm of hightened sensibility where the music – as an endlessly moving bridge between heaven and earth inscribed in the fleeting time of man – functions as a vector for change, dialogue and spirituality.

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